40 mm HE Grenade VOG-25

The 40 mm HE Grenade VOG-25 provides effective action against enemy troops in open terrain or in light shelters at a distance up to 400 m. It is designed for use with GP-25 and GP-30 under-barrel grenade launchers, mounted on 7,62, 5,56 and 5,45 mm assault rifles and with GP-95 under-barrel grenade launcher, mounted on 9A-91, and with RG-6 and “AVALANCHE” revolver grenade launchers.


Calibre, mm 40
Maximum distance, m 400
Initial velocity, m/s 76.5
Round weight, kg 0.25
Explosive weight, kg 0.048
Radius of defeat, m 20
Explosive filling coefficient, % 19.2
Operational Temperature Range -50 to +50°C
Shelf Life 10 years
Manufacturer ARSENAL and ARCUS


108 pcs. in 3 air-tight sealed metal boxes are packed in a wooden case
Case dimensions, mm 875 x 398 x 220
Case volume, m3 0.077
Total weight, kg 48