81 mm Mortar Bomb HE Explosive & Practice

This bomb is intended to destroy manpower and non-armored equipment. The optimum fragmentation effect of approximately 1400 effective fragments is achieved by employing of spheroid graphite cast iron with predominately ferrite structure.

This type of mortar bomb is ideal for training purposes;
It has an inert load and its flight ballistics are identical to those of the high explosive version.
It is available with either an impact fuse (indicating impact at target) or a dummy fuse.



81 mm HE 70 LD 81 mm PRACT
Body Cast Iron Cast iron / Steel
Overall length, mm 487 487
Weight, kg 4.15 4.15
Weight of explosive charge, kg 0.75 0.75 inert mass
Fra men s (average), pcs 1400
Fuse Impact SQ M52B3; M 6-N Inert
Manufacturer ARSENAL


Rounds 6 pcs. in a wooden case
Case dimensions, mm 600 x 330 x 250
Gross weight, kg 37.3
Volume, m3 0.5