9M113 Konkurs Missiles

Hartford International Group deliver and supply high quality 9M113 Konkurs Missiles. We can supply and deliver 9M113 Konkurs for military and army use in large quantity all categories: Factory New, New Surplus and Used Surplus depending on your needs. You can take a look at our catalogue to see what we have available to you.


A 9K113 method will fire your 9M113 Konkurs missile, and this is equipped with the entire 9N131 WARMTH warhead for just a transmission of 750 for you to 800mm RHA. Missiles will usually be supplied with made canisters located for your launcher. Your Konkurs has an optimum array of 4,000 yards plus a bare minimum array of 100 yards. Your functioning heat array is usually through –50°C for you to +50°C.


Alongside 9M113 Konkurs Missiles, Hartford International Group can also supply a range of other products, including ammunition, military tanks, vests, communication technology, and more.


Why Purchase From Hartford International Group?

You can expect the highest quality ammunition, including grenades, when purchasing from Hartford International Group. If you have any questions regarding your grenades, ammunition, firearms, or something else you can check our list of proposals.


We will always provide comprehensive, tailored solutions accustomed to the clients’ requirements and needs. Our expertise and knowledge in the defense sphere, along with our result-oriented business attitude are the basis we use for providing outstanding results in various military projects.