BMD-2 Spare Parts

Our company supply and deliver spare parts for BMD – 2 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.

Type Airborne infantry fighting vehicle
Place of origin Soviet Union
Service history
In service 1985 – present
Used by See Operators
Wars See Service history
Production history
Designed 1981 – 1985
Manufacturer Volgograd Tractor Plant
Produced 1985 – ? (out of production)
Variants See Variants
Specifications (BMD-2)
Weight 11.5 tonnes[1][2]
Length 7.85 m[3][1][2]
6.74 m (without the gun)[4]
Width 2.94 m
Height 2.45 m[3][1][2]




The particular BMD-2 is really a Soviet airborne infantry fighting car or truck that is introduced in 1985. It’s an alternative connected with BMD-1 having a brand new turret and many modifications completed towards hull. ISO Party delivers extra components and also solutions for all your BMD-2 alternatives: BMD-2K, BMD-2M. ISO Party possesses practical knowledge within the BMD-2 Power plant Assemblies, Drivetrain, Tranny, Monitor Shoe, Electro-mechanical Assemblies, Guns Devices, and also Components. Abide by this links down below for more in depth data.
ISO Party is really a head within the availability of OEM and also Aftermarket extra components and also Restore Products and services. Our product sales and also assistance workforce possesses gain access to and also expertise to over 120 zillion exclusive components for buyers all over the world.
The particular BMD-2 is an armored airborne infantry fighting overcome followed car or truck created by this Russian safety Corporation Arkadyi Shabalin. The primary prototype from the BMD-2 ended up being completed in 1985 and also initial noticed in 1988. Generation connected with automobiles were only available in 1989 and also ended up being actually supplied around the scale connected with seven in every one of the about three airborne regiments of the Russian fresh air harm department. The particular BMD-2 ended up being introduced into the Russian armed forces in 1985. Generation from the BMD-2 ended up being taken on at the Volgograd Tractor Vegetable. Generation from the BMD-2 ended up being completed time in the past. It truly is now getting supplemented from the higher airborne infantry armored car or truck BMD-3.
The particular BMD-2 will be fixed having a 1 guy turret armed having a 30 mm 2A42 stabilized cannon, which is likewise utilized in this BMP-2 infantry overcome car or truck, has an elevation connected with +75º plus a depressive disorder connected with -5º. A coaxial 7. 62 mm PKT appliance gun will be installed towards appropriate aspect from the main armament. An AT-4 Faucet or perhaps AT-5 Spandrel anti-tank guided missile launcher will be placed on the best aspect from the turret roof. An additional 7. 62mm PKT appliance gun will be installed at the appropriate aspect, at the front from the hull.
The particular hull and the turret from the BMD-2 will be welded aluminum, which provides a new security towards heating connected with modest hands caliber and also cover splinters from the battle field.