BMD-3 Spare Parts

Our company supply and deliver spare parts for BMD – 3 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.

Type Airborne infantry fighting vehicle
Place of origin Soviet Union
Service history
In service 1990 – present
Production history
Manufacturer Volgograd Tractor Plant
Specifications (BMD-1)
Weight 12.9 tonnes
Length 6m
Width 3.13m
Height 2.25m
Crew 3 (+4 passengers)
Armor turret – steel, hull – aluminium alloy
Main armament 2A42 30mm autocannon with coaxial 7.62mm PK machine gun
9K11 or9M111 ATGMs from turret mounted launcher
Secondary armament bow-mounted AGS-17 Plamya 30 mm automatic grenade launcher
and 5.45-mm RPK machine-gun
Engine 2V-06-2 water-cooled diesel 450 hp
Power/weight 34 hp/ton
Suspension hydroneumatic with variable height control (130mm-530 mm)
Operational range 500 km
Speed 70 km/h off-road: 45 km/h water: 10 km/h




The particular BMD-3, which often rectifies most of the defects of the BMD-1 and BMD-2 AIFVs, is usually much more rugged (and heavier) than earlier BMDs and can be airdropped featuring a crew within the auto. The particular IL-76M could hold 3 BMD-3s completely ready with regard to airdrop. Many BMDs produce a changeable suspension to boost or even decrease the vehicle’s top and safety net that superior with regard to airdrop. The particular BMD-3 features an entirely brand-new chassis fitted using the two-man turret of the BMP-2 infantry fighting auto. Whilst holding onto the boat-shaped hull of the earlier motor vehicles, the BMD-3 provides increased amphibious potential along with a significant raise in firepower. As well as opposed to their predecessors, the BMD-3 is usually airdropped featuring a match associated with associated with several men inside auto, increasing the component of amaze connected with airborne surgical procedures. Recently the crew associated with additional motor vehicles can be lowered on their own, requiring a longer period to help get married up using their fighting auto. The particular all-welded structure of the BMD-3 supplies the crew using defense from modest arms fireplace and cover splinters.
The particular crew is made of commander, gunner, driver, and several infantrymen, using the commander usually dismounting using the squad. Several additional infantrymen can be maintained in an emergency within the backside.

The particular BMD-3 is usually power by way of rear-mounted 2V-06 water-cooled diesel-powered which supplies a top power-to-weight percentage associated with thirty four hp/ton. The particular hydroneumatic suspension provides varying top management. Propelled by 2 h2o jets at the rear of the auto, the BMD-3 is usually thoroughly amphibious. Any this particular language SNPE forceful reactive suits (ERA) package among others is available for use on the BMD-3. Even so, during dismounted troop activity, PERIOD has to be risk to safety. Therefore, passive suits are usually much more likely and PERIOD software is usually improbable. Regarding amphibious use, additional suits software is usually unlikely. Other options are spall liners, air con, along with a more robust motor.