Hedd1 – Handheld explosive detection device

    HEDD1® is a hand-held detection device for the detection of all kinds of military and commercial explosives such as: TNT, Dynamite, PETN, RDX, Semtex, C4, liquid explosives (T.A.P., T.A.T.P etc.), gunpowder,ammunition, fired weapon, IEDs and all nitro and H₂O₂ based explosives. The range of detection is between 2-100 meters. The detection with HEDD1® is possible behind and through all types of barriers such as soil, concrete, metal, vehicles as well as below water and ground surface. That makes HEDD1® suitable for various applications such as:

    Police and military patrols
    Parking lots searches
    K9 units
    Bomb squad
    Aircraft searches, luggage and cargo
    Private security companies etc.