Intercom system type “R-174″ for Tank “T-72″

Interior two-way telephone communication berween up to six subscribers with one another including one subscriber being outside the vehicle and conference corrmunications.

Exterior two-way radio telephone communication over any from two radio stations of the vehicle and listening to one radio receiver.

Exterior two-way telephone communication over two-wire communication line and exterior subscriber getting into radiocommunication though any from two vehicle radio stations.

Possibility to connect a taking – out loudspeaker.

Set structure, equipment comprises the following units:
commander unit AC-
operator unit AC-3
driver unit AC-3
radio operator unit AC-38
chest switch MH-l

Technical specifications:
Frequency range, Hz 300 ÷ 3400
output voltage in communication helmets, V 10±2
Supply voltage, V 22 – 29
Speech legibility at acoustic noise up to 135 dB, not less than 90%
Mass of set, kg 10
Operating temperature range, °C -50 to +55