LEBED-B Laser Range Finder & Bunocular

It is designed for measuring distances to targets and projectile explosion as well as observation the battle field. The Range Finder is used in artillery, intelligence, motorized fire units and like. It operates under conditions of direct optical visibility to the targets.

Technical specifications:
Magnification 7 x
Field of view 7°
Exit pupil diameter 12,5 mm
Wavelength 1064 nm
Number of measuring per minute 8
Accuracy of measuring ±5 m
Maximum distance of measuring 20 000m
Minimum distance of measuring 100m
Guaranteed number of measuring 20 000
Supply Voltage 12V, 0,5A/h NiCd accumulator or
12v, 0,3 A/h Lithium battery or
27V (from board circuit)
/12V(through an adapter)
Temperature range of operation from -30°C to +50°C
Sizes 218 x 95 x 230 mm
Weight 2,8 kg

The laser Range Finder & Binocular “LEBED-B” can be completed with:

Mechanism for angle measuring