MI-24 Spare Parts

Our company supply and deliver spare parts for MI-24 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.

Crew 2-3
Passengers 8
Propulsion 2 Turboshaft Engines
Engine Model Klimow / Klimov TW3-117VM / TV3-117VM
Engine Power (each) 1636 kW 2194 shp
Speed 335 km/h 181 kts 208 mph
Service Ceiling 4.500 m 14.764 ft
Range 500 km 270 NM 311 mi.
Empty Weight 8.340 kg 18.387 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight 11.500 kg 25.353 lbs
Rotor Blades (main/tail) 5/3 5/3
Main Rotor Diameter 17,30 m 56,8 ft
Tail Rotor Diameter 3,91 m 12,8 ft
Rotor Disc Area 235,1 m² 2531 ft²
Length 21,35 m 70,0 ft
Height 5,47 m 17,9 ft
First Flight 19.09.1969
Production Status out of production
Total Production >2300
NATO Code Hind
Data for (Version) Mil Mi-24V
Variants Mi-35

The particular helicopter possesses 6-8 suspension system models within the wingtips. The particular Mi24D (Mi-25) and the Mi-24V (Mi-35) are equipped with the YakB four-barrelled, 12. 7mm, built-in, flexibly fitted device firearm that has a shooting charge connected with some, 000-4, 500 rounds a minute and a snout rate connected with 860m /s. The particular Mi-24P will be fixed using a 30mm, built-in, fixed firearm support; the particular Mi-24VP using a 23mm, built-in, flexibly fitted firearm.
The particular Mi-24P and also Mi-24V possess several underwing pylons for approximately 12 anti-tank missiles. The particular Mi-24V (Mi-35) will be network. With the Shturm anti-tank led missile system. Shturm (NATO naming AT-6 Spiral) is really a short-range missile together with semi-automatic airwaves control direction. The particular 5.4kg high-explosive fragmentation warhead will be capable of infiltrating around 650mm connected with shield. Greatest range will be 5km.
The particular Mi-24V also can carry the particular longer-range Ataka anti-tank missile system (NATO naming AT-9), because could the particular Mi-24P. The particular Ataka missile’s direction will be by simply narrow radar order, and the highest array of the particular missile will be 8km. The average concentrate on range will be between 3km-6km. The objective attack chance from the Ataka missile will be beyond 0. Ninety six with runs 3km-6km. The particular missile carries a shaped-charge 7. 4kg warhead, using a tandem demand intended for sexual penetration connected with 800mm-thick volatile reactive shield.
All Mi-24 helicopters may also be network. Together with rockets and also grenade launchers.

The particular helicopter will be centric by simply a pair of Isotov TV3-117VMA turbo shaft machines, acquiring 2, 200shp every single. The air intakes are generally fixed together with deflectors and also separators to prevent airborne dirt and dust particle swallowing when removing through unprepared web-sites. The reliable strength system will be fixed.
The inner energy ability will be 1, 500kg, having an additional 1, 000kg in the reliable tank in the vacation cabin or maybe 1, 200kg about several outer tanks. The particular energy tank possesses self-sealing protects and also porous energy tank filler intended for elevated survivability, and the tire out will be fixed together with infrared suppression programs.