R-123M transceiver provides for voice signal FM communication between mobile objects, equipped with frequency-compatible transceivers of the same type. It functions by means of a 4-meter rod aerial.The transceiver can be initially tuned-up to 4 fixed frequences. It allows establishing of communication without searching all four frequencies correspondent and communicates without additional frequency tuning.

Frequency range, MHz 20 ÷ 51.5
Number of working frequencies 1261 at intervals
of 25 kHz
Transmitter power, W >=20
Frequency deviation, kHz 4.5 ÷ 7
Receiver sensitivity at S/N = 10:1, µV
– without squelch
– switched on squelch
<=2.5 <=4 Distance range upon functioning by means of a 4-meter antenna over rugged terrain on track vehicles moving at 40 km/h speed, and wheeled vehicles at 100 km/h speed, km 20 Working temperature range, °C minus 50 ÷ 50 Power supply voltage from vehicle-borne network, V 26±4 Maximum consumption, A – in “transmission” mode — in “reception” mode <=9.6 <=3