Receiver R-173 PM

R-173 PM is a radiorecevier with frequency modulation, UHF, operating within the range of 30 000 – 75 999 kHz. It is mounted on armoured vehicles and provides the reception of open or encrypted information.

Operation receiver R—173 PM secures direct and subtuning-free reception of one of the preset frequencies. Switching to the different preset frequencies Is by the way of pressing the selection button for the respective frequency.

Entry of new frequencies is done by using the key pad and could be controlled on the front panel display.

The reciever uses a 3m. telescopic antenna. through I and 2 m. and emergency antennas could be used as well. When in motion basic is the 2m. antenna.

Proper frequency selection and an antenna harmonizer could allow indipendent operation over one antenna of one reciever R-173PM and one tranciever R-173M.

This receiver is designed for further utilization of an intercom, phone device for internal communication and head phone set.

The R-173P reciever provides:

selection often operational provides
indication of the selected frequency
calI indication
recieving of encrypted analog information
recieving of digital encrypted information with 16KBAUD speed
Frequency range, MHz 30 ÷ 75.999
Step, kHz 1.0
Frequency instability, kHz ±1.0
Receiver sensitivity, µV <=1.5 Sensitivity with noise squelcher on, µV <=3.0 Selectivity over mirror channel, dB 100 Storage of 10 (ten) operational frequencles, sec <=3.0 Operationai temperature, °C -50 to +50 Supply voltage, V +27V ±2V Weight, kg 15