T-55 Spare Parts

Our company supply and deliver spare parts for T-55 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.


Your T-55 is usually a Soviet-made key battle reservoir, a new derivative from the T-54B, which was acquired pertaining to service inside 1956 by the Russians armed forces. Developed by Nizhnyi Tagil underneath the situation Obiekt 155, this is the T-54 having a new turret minus the rooftop mushroom ventilator dome. Your hull is utterly pressurized.
Principal armament from the T-55 is usually a 100 mm D-10T-TS2. Your D-10T includes a horizontal slipping pitching wedge breech block with the recoil method composed of a new hydraulic barrier and a hydro pneumatic recuperator. Your artillery includes an utmost assortment within the indirect flames role regarding 15, 1000 meters and will flames high-explosive, armor piercing in addition to shaped-charge ammunitions. A 7. 62mm SGMT coaxial device weapon is actually attached on the suitable facet from the key armament and an equivalent artillery set in the center from the glacis menu shoots ahead and is also handled by the new driver through important a new key on the suitable steerage lever. Latest alternatives are equipped with a new 12. 7mm device DShKM, attached in the loader’s location to become utilized against episodes regarding helicopter or maybe planes. Your ammunition reserve regarding their key weapon continues to be greater to be able to 43 rounds as well as 22 high-explosive rounds, 15 shield piercing rounds in addition to 6 shaped-charge rounds.

Your all-welded metal hull from the T-55 is actually divided into a few key spaces: driver’s at the front, combating within the center along with the serps in addition to sign in the backed. Your hull along with the turret supplies a security for the crew against shooting regarding modest biceps and triceps in addition to layer splinters. Your new driver is actually placed at the front from the reservoir on the still left in addition to will get a new single-piece hatch cover which golf swings to the left. There’re 2 evening periscopes offered ahead of this hatch, certainly one of and this can be exchanged through an infra-red periscope which can be utilized in conjunction with the infra-red gentle mounted on the correct facet from the glacis menu. Your combating area includes a turntable.

Your T-55 key battle reservoir is actually fitted having smoking making products utilized to fix a new smoking monitor, which goggles the actual reservoir by foe remark dependably for a couple units. Your managing basic principle from the smoking making method can be as employs. Gasoline is actually treated in the tire out manifolds, wherever it is mixed with tire out gases to make contaminants regarding condensate surrounded through mineral water smoke. Standard products from the T-55 involves flames management in addition to items stabilizer STP-2 Tsiklon, evening picture TSh2A-22, night time picture TPN-1-22-11, radio products, fire-fighting products in addition to NBC security method. Your T-55 is usually equipped through an infra-red searchlight having numerous four hundred meters mounted on the actual ahead section of the commander’s cupola in addition to another infra-red searchlight on the suitable from the key armament having numerous 900 to 1, 000 meters.