T-62 Spare Parts

Our company supply and deliver spare parts for T-62 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.

Your T-62 Russian-made main battle reservoir is really a further development in the main battle reservoir T-55. Your T-62 had been generated involving 1961 and 1975. The item started to be the standard main battle reservoir from the European military and also the Warsaw pact through the cold conflict, partially updating the T-55, even though that will reservoir continued stated in the Spain and in other countries in the world. Your T-62 main battle reservoir had been acquired pertaining to assistance using European army inside 1961. The T-62 is actually operating using European army however in upgraded or even refreshed type. Numerous military in the world utilize the T-62 since typical main battle reservoir.
Your T-62 main battle reservoir brackets any 115-mm two-axis stable smoothbore gun 2A20 (U5-TS). Your stabilizer that will equip the principle gun is actually named Meteor. The item helps the producers in order to attack focuses on as the reservoir is actually going. The leading gun fire high-explosive projectiles OF-18, shaped-charge projectiles BK-4 (BK-4M) and battle suits piercing projectiles BM-6. Their own snout speed is actually 1, 615 m/s. Your one on one hearth assortment is actually 4, 000 meters and also the optimum heating assortment is actually 5, 900 meters. The leading gun is actually put in a target electro-hydraulically. Your T-62 main battle reservoir bears a great bullets insert associated with forty repaired times. While in loading, the gun elevation angle is actually 3° 30″ and its particular revolving is actually impossible. Your clear situations are usually discarded by using a hatch from the raise part of the turret by way of any invested cartridge circumstance ejector. Your price associated with hearth in the main gun is actually several times per minute. You will find there are 7. 62-mm PKT appliance gun installed coaxially with all the main ordnance. The 12.7 mm DShKM MG appliance gun is usually attached to the commander’s cupola with the newest type in the T-62 options.

Your T-62 main battle reservoir carries a classical structure. Your hull in the T-62 is actually separated in to several spaces, driver’s at the cab end, battling at the heart and motor and sign for the raise. Top battle suits discs use a significant sloping angle: the glacis platter is actually sloped at 60°and the obliquity in the cheaper platter is actually 54°. Each is usually 100 mm solid.

Your motorist observes the setting as a result of two periscopes found while watching hatch. At night, the left-hand periscope is actually substituted with the entire TVN-2 night-vision unit. Your T-62 gives you night observation/aiming equipment, NBC security process, programmed fire-fighting process, smoke cigarettes monitor putting process (TDA), and deeply wading tools. Your NBC security process is actually initiated by means of receptors, which are very sensitive in order to gamma radiation. Your reservoir is provided with brackets pertaining to growing any dozer sharp edge or even acquires paying off rollers. Your T-62 may ford into an optimum detail of 1.4 meters without having preparing. It may also ford deeply h2o whenever equipped using a snorkel. It takes nearly 8 hours to prepare the reservoir pertaining to deeply fording and two kinds of snorkel are offered; a sizable size 1 pertaining to instruction along with a thinner 1 pertaining to in business utilize and that is normally taken inside parts for the raise in the turret. The gunner’s IR searchlight is actually attached to the right above the principle gun, along with a more compact IR searchlight is actually attached to the commander’s cupola.