T-72 Spare Parts

Our company supply and deliver Battle Tanks T-72, spare parts for Main Battle Tank T-72 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.

The T-72 channel tank is similar generally appearance towards T-64. The T-72 features 6 large, die-cast, rubber-coated path small wheels and a few trails go back rollers. It’s a new 14-tooth travel sprocket and also a single-pin trail together with rubber-bushed hooks.


The T-72 features a much larger serp area versus T-64, as well as the radiator barbeque will be nearby the backside from the hull.


The T-72 features higher ability to move versus T-62. The V-12 diesel powered serp has a productivity connected with 780 Hewlett Packard. This serp is apparently astonishingly smoke-free and smooth-running, getting taken out your extreme vibration which has been said to cause high folks tiredness inside T-62. Even though serp will be larger than in which from the T-64, your heavy (41 mt) T-72 will be believed to have approximately a similar path pace for the reason that T-64. The T-72B1 will be power with a multi-fuel V-12 piston air-cooled 840 Hewlett Packard serp that will operate on a few fuels: Diesel powered Benzene or even Kerosene. A couple of 200-liter reliable energy resource percussion can be built in on the backside from the hull. The T-72 can be built in that has a snorkel with regard to strong fording, and usually takes with regards to 20 min’s to prepare with regard to amphibious work with.

The T-72 features far better armor safeguard versus T-62, because of the utilization of split armor along with other capabilities mentioned previously mentioned underneath T-64 capabilities. The advanced unaggressive shield package deal from the T-72M and T-72M1 can sustain immediate visitors from your 105mm weapon equipped M1 Abrams from approximately only two, 000 meter selection. The afterwards T-72Ms and T-72M1s include laser rangefinders ensuring high attack probability from runs connected with only two, 000 meters and underneath. The turret features standard toss armor that has an optimum depth connected with 280-mm, your nose is approximately 80-mm thicker as well as the glacis will be 200-mm thicker laminate armor. Aside from the PAZ radiation discovery technique, your T-72 has an ant radiation ship (except about upload models) and also a collective NBC purification and overpressure technique.

The T-72 has got the very same important light up producing potential since before T-54/55/62, tanks, and alternatives are discovered together with light up grenade projectors placed on leading from the turret.

The T-72 utilizes a similar armament, ammunition, and bundled hearth management for the reason that T-64. The low, curved turret mounts a new 125mm even lose interest weapon that has a carousel intelligent loader attached on the floor and backside wall membrane from the turret. The 125mm weapon frequent to every one your T-72 models will be capable of infiltrating your M1 Abrams shield from numerous approximately 1, 000 meters. The more the latest BK-27 HIGH TEMPERATURE circular offers a triple-shaped fee warhead and increased penetration next to standard armors and PERIOD. The BK-29 circular that has a difficult penetrator inside nose is designed for work with next to reactive armor, and since good MP circular features fragmentation consequences. If your BK-29 HEAT-MP is needed, it may replace Frag-HE (as together with NATO countries) or even enhance Frag-HE. Using a few circular natures (APFSDS-T, HEAT-MP, ATGMs) inside autoloader as opposed to four, a lot more antitank rounds might available for the higher pace