T-80 Spare Parts

Our company supply and deliver spare parts for T-80 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.

The T-80 is usually a major battle fish tank developed and created in the Leningrad Kirov Vegetable (LKZ) beneath the route involving Nikolai Ersus Popov, with all the prototype getting specified the particular Obiekt 219. The T-80 is usually a advancement with the Russian major battle fish tank T-64, the particular T-80 is initial Russian major battle fish tank motorized having fuel generator power plant. These folks were delivered via investment because simply outstanding T-80 grow with Russia, in Omsk, features a substantial variety of T-80U MBTs built to the Russian Military but not delivered caused by a shortage involving finances. The T-80 can be as used by the particular Republic involving Korea; this particular state obtained thirty-three T-80U. Generation with the T-80 has become completed in Leningrad and also the other T-80 grow, Kharkov, is actually with Ukraine. This particular service has generated 320 T-80UD MBTs for Pakistan that had been delivered between 1997 and late 1999.
The primary armament with the T-80 is composed with the entire 125 mm 2A46 smoothbore firearm because T-72 having a horizontally ammunition stowage system. The primary firearm is feasted from the Korzina automatic loader. This particular supports in order to 30 times involving two-part ammunition within a carousel based beneath the turret floorboards. Added ammunition is stashed inside turret. The ammunition includes the particular projectile (APFSDS, WARM or perhaps HE-Frag) plus the propellant impose, or perhaps the 2 component missile. This may hearth sometimes the particular AT-8 `Songster’ ATGW or perhaps 125 mm ammunition with the individual running variety. Using the other, the particular projectile is filled initial, as well as the particular semi-combustible cartridge situation; everything remains after shooting will be the stub base that’s thrown. This particular 125 mm ammunition is typical to the T-64, T-72, T-80, T-84 and T-90 MBTs and identified kinds are usually proven inside stand. The 125 mm smoothbore firearm is stabilized with equally slope and traverse. Armament likewise includes a 7. 62mm PKT coaxial equipment firearm along with a 12. 7mm Utes (NSVT-12. 7) air flow support equipment firearm. 1 lender having involving 80 mm electrically handled light up grenade dischargers are usually installed sometimes part with the turret, 5 for the left and 4 for the proper.