Tank Helmet set type TSH-4 with chest key

TSTS-l Communication Helmet combined with Intercom and Switching Equipment ABCK-1 or similar equipment is intended to provide communication between movable vehicles, protection against acoustic noises and climatic factors as well as against impacts on the vehicle construction partsa.

The Communication Helmet remains serviceable:

at an ambient temperature range llom minus 50 °C to + 50 °C
at a relative ambient air humidity of 95-98% at the temperature of +40°C
under vibration loads within the range of l0-80 Hz at the acceleration of 29,4m/sec2 (3g)
under the exposure to acoustic noises up to 135 dB
under the cycle changes in temperatures from minus 60°C to + 70°C
under the exposure to hoar-frost and dew
under the conditions of lower atmosphere pressure (6×104 ± 4x 103 ) Pa ((450 ± 30) mm of mercury column) at the ambient temperature of 223 K (minus 50 °C) corresponding to the air transportation conditions
weight of an average size communication helmet should be not more than 1.1 kg.