Hartford International Group Ltd

Aircraft Technics & Parts

Hartford International Group Ltd is specialized in trade and supply of military and civil aircrafts. Additionally, we provide aviation equipment, spare parts and components for eastern origin aircrafts. In order to meet a great variety of needs, we offer renovation services, maintenance and complete overhaul of battle planes and helicopters.

Military Vehicles & Parts

Our Company offers a wide range of armored and combat vehicles. In addition, we supply spare parts for great number of military vehicles of eastern origin and provide high-quality services that span from maintenance and repair to refurbishment and modernization.

Armament & Ammunition

Hartford International Group Ltd supplies a vast inventory of weapons and firearms along with the various types of ammunitions they are used with. For further details, you can check our list of proposals.

Traditions & Quality

In the 80s Bulgaria was amongst the top list exporters of weapons and military equipment on an international level. However, due to the confidential nature of this feature, these facts were of restricted use. According to NISAT database, in 1989, more than 20 military factories with 42,000 workers were actively involved in the military industry of Bulgaria, whose production was mainly intended for export. Thus, the Bulgarian arms industry is classified as of middle class scale and its inventory of weapons ranges from small arms to large ones, which is to say that everything from pistols and guns to riffles and various types of cannons has been manufactured. What was distinctive for the Bulgarian military products was that they have been manufactured according to the Russian standard and licenses which made them well-known for their high quality and top battlefield performance. Hence, the Bulgarian military manufactoring has its long-standing traditions deeply rooted in the country’s modern industrial history that still serve today as a reputable guarantee for the quality of its products.