BMP-1 – Complete Overhaul

Complete overhaul of BMP-1 consists of the following:

  • complete disassemble of the tracked infantry fighting vehicle;
  • complete technical check and diagnostics of all basic units, assemblies and aggregates;
  • repair of the BMP-1 and all of its assemblies and aggregates in order to restore it to like new condition;
  • complete assemble and stationary testing;
  • on-site and drive testing of the overhauled machine, handover to the customer.

The complete overhaul restores up to 80% of the technical capacity of BMP-1.
*Hartford International Group LTD gives warranty to all overhauled machines that covers 1 year and/or 250 engine hours in addition to after warranty maintenance.

Technical characteristics of BMP-1
Weight, t 13
Crew 3 + 8
Height, mm 2068
Length gun forward, mm 6735
Width, mm 2940
Ground clearance, mm 370
Main 73mm 2A28 “Grom”  low pressure smoothbore short-recoil semi-automatic gun (with total ammo allowance 40 rounds)
ATGM launcher for 9M14 “Malyutka”
Type of the flight control device of PTURS 9C428
Secondary 7.62 mm PKT coax machine gun with total ammo allowance 2000 rounds
Engine UTD-20 6-cylinder 4-stroke V-shaped
airless-injection water-cooled diesel
developing 300 hp (224 kW) at 2600 rpm
Max speed 65km/h
Power/weight ratio 21.5-23.1 hp
Operational range on road 600 km
Type Manual transmission with 5 forward and 1 reverse gears
Gunner’s dual mode (day/night) sight 1PN22M1 (1PN22M2)
Commander’s dual mode (day/night) binocular vision device TKN-3B
Driver’s periscope vision-block TNPO-170
Driver’s night binocular vision device TVNO-2
Driver’s day extended periscope when swimming with the trim vane erected TNPO-350B
Communication equipment
Intercom system R-124
Radio set R-123M