It is intended for destroying tanks, self-propelled guns and other armored and motorized and mechanized vehicles, as well as for destroying the enemy troops in the open, in trenches, light shell-proof shelters and brick fortifications of the urban type. The grenade warhead is a combination of a bursting fragmentation hollow charge and pre-fragmented steel rings. The warhead is completed with the VP-22M nose-base piezoelectric fuse with an inertial self-destroyer for firing at a distance of up to 2000 m. The round is completed with a propelling charge of strip ballistic powder.


Weight of the round, kg 2.960
Direct fire range, m 260
Sighting range at armored materiel, m 400
Armor penetration of steel homogeneous armor, mm 260
Muzzle velocity, m/s 98
TNT equivalent of bursting charge, kg 0.6
Maximum range of fire, m 2000
Number of 1.5 – 2 g fragments 270
Effective burst radius:
– at enemy personnel in the open, m
– at unarmored material,m
Manufacturer VMZ


The RPG-7V hand anti-tank grenade launcher equipped with the MUKG combination optic-mechanical sight with an elevation or range micrometer (at the Customer’s request) or the MP-1 sight attachment.


6 rounds in a wooden case (6 grenades plus 6 charges separately packed)
Dimensions, mm 894 x 490 x 248
Volume of the case, m3 0.10
Weight, kg 36