Su-27 Spare Parts

Our company supply and deliver spare parts for SU-27 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.

Role Air superiority fighter
National origin Soviet Union Russia
Manufacturer Sukhoi
First flight 20 May 1977
Introduction 1985
Status In service
Primary users Russian Air ForcePeople’s Liberation Army Air ForceUkrainian Air Force

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Produced 1982–current
Number built 809
Unit cost US$30 million
Variants Sukhoi Su-30Sukhoi Su-33Sukhoi Su-34

Sukhoi Su-35

Sukhoi Su-37

Shenyang J-11


Su27’s airframe is actually manufactured from advanced light aluminum lithium metals, which makes it gentle for its dimension. This mentoring is created using an ogival design and wing root off shoot. This mentoring includes a 49 levels industry leading pass together with full course industry leading slats and trailing advantage flaperons. This flaperons blend the characteristics of conventional flaps and ailerons and relocate unison since flaps to deliver lift up and lug. Many people move out of unison to work since ailerons.

With 1969 Russia made the decision them to need a fresh fighter which is capable of outperforming many present U. Ersus. Plane such as the F-15 Eagle as well as the F-16 Falcon. Sukhoi OKB earned the deal, is actually them to start the task of developing that which was for being the earth’s finest fighter airliner. This title specified on the advancement task has been T10. This plane created had to be capable of lookdown/shoot straight down functionality, and be capable of doing damage to goals from prolonged stages.