9 x 19 mm (PARA) Pistol Cartridges with Lead Core Bullet

The 9x19mm PARA cartridges accompany
the 9 mm pistols and sub-machine guns.





Material or Designation
Bullet Jacket Bimetal
Core Steel
Cartridge case Bimetal
Primer Non-corrosive
Powder charge MEN-20
Weight, g 11.95
Length, mm 29.7
Velocity V10, m/s 380
Max. pressure, Pa 2250.105
Range, m 50
Grouping, 25 m, mm R50 ≤ 32
Weapon Pistol and Sub-Machine Gun





2400 cartridges in 2 air-tight boxes are packed in a wooden case
Case dimensions, mm 488 x 353 x 151
Case volume, m3 0.026
Total weight, kg 36