BTR-80 Spare Parts

Our company supply and deliver spare parts for BTR-80 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.

Alternative Designations BTR-80, GAZ-5903
Date of Introduction 1984
Proliferation At least 22 countries
Crew 2
Troop Capacity 8
Combat Weight (mt) 13.6
Chassis Length Overall (m) 7.55
Height Overall (m) 2.41
Width Overall (m) 2.95
Ground Pressure (kg/cm 2 ) INA
Drive Formula 8×8
Automotive Performance
Engine Type 260-hp Diesel
Cruising Range (km) 600
Speed (km/h)
Max Road 85
Max Off-Road 60
Average Cross-Country 40
Max Swim 10
Fording Depths (m) Amphibious
Radio R-173
Armor, Turret Front (mm) Against 12.7mm
Applique Armor (mm) Available
Explosive Reactive Armor (mm) N/A
Active Protective System N/A
Mineclearing Equipment N/A
Self-Entrenching Blade N/A
NBC Protection System Collective
Smoke Equipment 6 x 81-mm smoke grenade launchers
Main Armament
Caliber, Type, Name 14.5-mm (14.5 x 114) heavy MG, KPVT
Rate of Fire (rd/min) 150 practical
Loader Type Belt fed
Ready/Stowed Rounds 50/450
Elevation (?) -4/+60
Fire on Move Yes
Auxiliary Weapons
Caliber, Type, Name 7.62-mm machinegun, PKT
Mount Type Coax
Maximum Aimed Range (m) 1,500
Max Effective Range (m)
Day 1,000
Night N/A
Fire on Move Yes
Rate of Fire (rd/min) 250 practical / 650 cyclic, in 2-10 rd bursts
ATGM Launcher N/A
Firing Ports 3 on each side
FCS Name N/A
Main Gun Stabilization N/A
Rangefinder N/A
Infrared Searchlight OU-3GA2M
Sights w/Magnification
Day 1P3-6, 1.2x/4x
Field of View (?) 49/14
Acquisition Range (m) 2,000
Night N/A
Commander Fire Main Gun No
Caliber, Type, Name 14.5-mm API-T
Maximum Aimed Range (m) 2,000
Max Effective Range (m)
Day 2,000
Night INA
Tactical AA Range 1,500-2,000
Armor Penetration (mm) 20 at 1,000 m/ 30 at 500 m
Other Ammunition Types API, I-T


Primary specialist to the BTR-80A could be the Arzamas Machinery Development Grow. The 1st a few BTR-80A motor vehicles were shipped to the principle Directorate intended for Presidential Safety measures located in Moscow and also just read was welcomed in open intended for the very first time in Might 1995, after they defended essential government buildings.
This came into services with the Russian Affiliate marketer within the later 1980s and it has due to the fact been recently used in a number of army fights, as well as UNITED NATIONS peacekeeping operations.
The automobile is within production and the Russian Affiliate marketer purchased 100 in 2006. The automobile can also be operating with the Ukraine and it has been recently marketed in order to Hungary, Turkey, Macedonia and also Bangladesh.

Your BTR-80A can be virtually just like the actual BTR-80 however includes a brand-new one-person turret armed having a 35 mm 2A72 cannon having a 7.62 mm PKTM machine rifle currently being attached coaxially towards suitable. Possibly aspect on the 35 mm cannon is usually a traditional bank regarding several forward-firing electrically managed 81 mm smoke cigarettes grenade launchers. Your power-operated turret can be attached on the top on the auto over the leading 2 axles with the armament currently being attached with the top of perhaps the turret which usually pivots intended for degree of lift and also depression symptoms. Bullets fill to the KPVT machine rifle can be 500 times, with two, 000 times to the PKT machine rifle. There are six smoke cigarettes grenade dischargers; several installed both aspects on the main rifle.
Fully amphibious design and style

Your BTR-80A APC includes an 8×8 framework, that’s typical to every one Russian BTR family of armored personnel companies. Your engine inner compartment can be regarding the auto. Until finally 1993 the auto seemed to be powered by a V-8 KamAZ-7403 turbocharged diesel powered creating 260 hp even so the auto is actually offered having a YaMZ-238M2 diesel powered which usually builds up 240 hp.

Your BTR-80A can be entirely amphibious, currently being propelled within the drinking water by a one water-jet attached regarding the actual hull. Before entering the river the toned vane can be constructed in front on the hull and the bilge sends are usually switched on. Common gear around the BTR-80A consists of electric power steerage around the front four road wheels, main tyre-pressure regulations method that permits the actual driver to adjust the actual tyre demand to match the sort of terrain currently being crossed and also a NBC method. A self-recovery winch can be presented, with 50 l regarding cable connection.