MT-LB Spare Parts

Our company supply and deliver spare parts for MT-LB all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.

Length (mm) 6450
Height (mm) 2850
Width (mm) 1870
Weight (kg) 11900
Engine power output (h.p.) 240
Crew 2
Troops 11
Main weapon caliber (mm) 7.62




The actual MT-LB amphibious armored monitored auto is entirely amphibious, propelled within the normal water through the monitors. The actual low-silhouette MT-LB has a flat-track suspension comprising 6-8 highway tires without the need of returning rollers. The actual box-like welded steel plate hull has a team inner compartment at the front, motor instantly driving within the left side, along with a troop inner compartment for the back which has inward-facing folding canvas seats regarding 10 infantrymen. The actual toned hull roofing features a pair of forward starting troop departs hatches. The actual infantry enter along with get away from the automobile through a pair of back doorways which can be supplied with firing locations. The entire associated with a number of firing locations also include just one on each side with the auto. Small turret towards the right with the commander’s place mounts one particular 7.62-mm appliance marker. Normal equipment on all vehicles consists of a great NBC defense technique.
The actual MT-LB is surely an amphibious armored monitored auto using a low-silhouette, box- including hull crafted from welded steel plates along with a smaller turret within the right entrance, rising one particular 7. 62mm appliance mark. You’ll find a number of firing locations; just one on each side with the auto and one throughout all the pair of back depart doorways. A couple extra, forward-opening, troop departs hatches tends to be situated on the toned hull roofing. The actual flat-track suspension includes 6-8 highway tires without the need of returning rollers.

The actual MT-LB is casually equipped along with casually armored.
The actual MT-LB was chosen L 1970 given it was initially recognized through the Western world throughout 1970. It is design is founded on the actual MT-L gentle transport auto along with prime mover. The actual MT-L, that is unarmored along with turret less, was created regarding geological research within the much northern.

The actual MT-LB framework likewise has become the time frame regarding a number of other vehicles. Euro AG-17 30-mm automated grenade launcher modification can be acquired regarding employ on MT-LB. Euro KBP gives a drop-in one-man turret, called Kliver, using a stabilized 2A72 30-mm marker, a four Kornet ATGM launcher, winter places, along with much better hearth management technique.