Gunner Quadrant KO

Designed to determine the elevation of a gun barrel. It is fitted with a spirit level and the scale is maked from 0° to 90°.

Basic Design Characteristics
Range of measured angles,
artillery thousands(1/6000) from 0-00 to 15-00
Value of divisions of the gear sector scale 25 divisions of angle meter
Valaue of divisions of the guiding arc,
artillery thousands(1/6000) 0-00,5(S divisions of angle meter)
Valaue of divisions of the level bubble 60″ ±6″
Error of quadrant reading while
measuring angles in range from 0 to 90°
(0-00 to 15-00 divisions of angle meter) < ±0,5 divisions of angle meter for whole temperature range (50°C) Operational Temperature Range ±50 Weight 1,13 kg Total weight including appliances and case 2,05 kg Size with case 228 x 215 x 56 mm