37/38mm Cartridge Tear Gas (03 projectiles)

The CTG — 3P contains three projectiles that release CS smoke. The projectiles are launched minimum 75 meters, and release smoke for around 20 seconds each. They can be launched from all types of 38 mm riot/gas guns.

Height 124 mm
Diameter 38 mm
Mass 200 +/- 5g
Chemical weight 100g
Active agent CS
Active agent mass 10% (client request)
Launching Anli Riot Gun 38 mm
Range min 75m
Smoke emission time 20 +/- 5s
Shelf life 5 years
Packaging Carton box
Quantity per package 80 Cartridges
Dimension of The box 520 x 400 x 165mm
Total package weight 17,7 Kg