40mm Cartridge Tear Gas (03 projectiles)

The CTG2 — 3P contains three projectiles that release CS smoke. The projectiles are launched minimum 75m, and release smoke for around 20s each. They can be launched from all Types of 40mm riot/ gas guns.

Height 123 mm
Diameter 40 mm
Mass 259 +/- 5g
Number of submunitions 03
Chemical weight 100g
Active agent CS
Active agent mass 10%
Launching Anli Riot Gun 40 mm
Range Short range : min 75m
Smoke emission time 20 +/- 5s
Shelf life 5 years
Packaging Carton box
Quantity per package 80 Cartridges
Dimension of The box 520 x 400 x 165mm
Total package weight 22,5 Kg